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Six Directors

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Eduardo Abreu

Founding partner and CEO

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Eduardo Abreu founded Six Energy in 2014 after co-leading the business development areas of energy companies as Renova Energia, Gehrlicher Solar, Citelum, among others. Eduardo also acted as Conergy’s country manager for Brazil and supporting Latin America, participating in board meetings in the USA and Germany.

At SIX, Eduardo acts as CEO and has led the origination, structuring and closing of several partnerships with foreign and local investors and energy companies, as the entry of Conergy in Brazil through a partnership with SIX, when Eduardo and team managed the whole company’s local operation. He also developed and structured centralized and distributed generation projects, raised capital and closed M&A deals for renewable assets.

Eduardo holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy from Imperial College London, a bachelor degree in electrical engineering from UNIFACS (Brazil) and activelly participates in solar energy associations in Brazil.

Diogo Santana began his career as engineer at a consultancy firm focused on power systems, developing analysis for the largest transmission and distribution companies in Brazil. He then worked for 9 years for CSN (“Companhia Siderurgica Nacional”), the largest fully integrated steel producer in Brazil, where he co-led the energy area of the company, managing its energy commercialization strategy and operations and energy generation assets acquisition and power plant management, being responsible for na annual budget of R$ 700 million. He also served as member of the management commitee of large Hydro power plants (Itá and Igarapava) and member of the board of ABIAPE, the largest energy self-consunption association in Brazil. At SIX, Diogo acts as Head of Operations and has led the operations of project development, PPAs and M&As, managing the team and subcontractors making sure projects are successful. Diogo holds a post-graduation degree in Energy Business Management from FIA and na electrical engineering bachelor from Mackenzie.

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Diogo Santana

Partner and Operations Director

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Carlos started his career as an electrical engineer for a consultancy firm focused on power plants and cogeneration, where he led the engineering, energy management and regulatory efforts. Later he spent 9 years co-leading the technical department of Multiempreendimentos Engenharia, a recognized independent engineering company in Brazil, focused on the energy sector. At Multiempreendimentos, Carlos managed a multidisciplinary team for wind and solar projects full technical Due Diligence, project development, project construction, EPC, regulatory assessement, among other tasks. Carlos participated on several relevant solar and wind projects and power plants in Brazil, both on the large-scale and distributed generation segments. At SIX, Carlos leads the technical department, managing the engineering, project development and construction efforts, guaranteeing SIX subcontractors successfully execute the projects. Carlos holds a bachelor degree in electrical engineering from Universidade de Pernambuco.

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Carlos Eduardo

Development and Engineering

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